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A Gift Voucher and the Icon Classic Gift Voucher

With 2019 upon us there is no better time to treat someone special with an Icon Classic Car Gift Voucher.

Gift Vouchers are particularly suitable as a birthday treat, a Christmas present or to celebrate an anniversary or other unique event. They could also be used as a corporate reward for someone for outstanding performance. The Voucher bears the name of the beneficiary and the specific car chosen or, if  preferred, the choice of car can be left until the booking is made and only the monetary value indicated.

The Gift Vouchers are available for all our cars and all duration's of hire. For example, for just £90 you can take the MGB GT "Jubilee" for an evening drive or for £175 you get a day return hire (10 hours max.) in the legendary Mini Cooper or ever popular MGB Roadster. Day+ (30 hours max) classic car hire is available from £240 from a selection of three different vehicles. While £575 is sufficient for a weekend+ (54 hours max.) with the sporting Triumph TR6 or the classic luxury of the Range Rover Vogue. There is a lot of choice and whichever car you choose an experience to remember.

One of the advantages of our Gift Vouchers is that they are valid for two years from the date of issue. This extended period is to compensate for the fact the the hire season is limited to 8 or 9 months per year so you effectively get the opportunity to book in one of two successive hire seasons.

Gift Vouchers are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. Go ahead reward someone with the “key” to an unforgettable drive in an Icon Classic Car.

Important points to note: Where the value of the hire is greater than the value of the gift voucher the additional amount is paid by the hirer/bearer of the gift voucher by credit/debit card. Where the value of the gift voucher covers the hire charge the hirer/bearer of the gift voucher is required to make a nominal "traceable" payment by credit/debit card of £10 for insurance purposes. In any event, the hirer/bearer of the gift voucher must also make the insurance and security deposit of £1000 as a pre-authorization against their credit/debit card in accordance with the normal Terms and Conditions of Hire (refer to the "Booking" section of the website). 

Pricing Policy
Evening 3 hours from £90
Day Return 10 hours from £175
Day+ 30 hours from £240
Weekend+ 54 hours from £395
Week 7 days n/a
Track Day Five 20 minute track sessions (approx 60 laps depending on circuit) from £950

How do I book this car?

  • Send us a “Hiring Enquiry” about your chosen car via our “Contact” page and include as much information as possible about your requirements or enquire by telephone directly.

Treat someone special with an Icon Classic Car Gift Voucher