Hit the road in a sporting icon the Triumph TR6

The Triumph TR6 was released in 1969 as a worthy successor to the TR5 combining the 6 cylinder 2.5L fuel injected engine and fully independent suspension from this model with the restyled Karmann bodywork. The TR6 remained in production until 1976 and is regarded with much affection as the last of the "hairy chested" British two seat sports convertibles.

Our 1974 Racing Green TR6 was acquired late December 2012 from Classic Chrome of Mortlake, South London. During the mid 1990’s the engine was rebulit by Enginuity, the London based TR specialists, to unleaded specification. Further work included a reconditioned gearbox, new clutch, replacement overdrive unit and new steering rack. In early 2000 Enginuity carried out a body restoration and repaint and more recently the car has benefitted from a new dashboard, reconditioned differential unit, new diff mounts and new “original style” steel wheels. The softop is a superb fitting  black mohair hood.

Back with Enginuity in early 2013 for refurbishment of the seats and centre console, new carpets, new wiring loom and restoration of the front end bodywork including engine bay detailing the car is now better than ever.

This TR6 is an example of what a TR6 should look, feel and drive like with its classic combination of Racing Green paintwork, black vinyl trim, wooden dashboard, moto lita steering wheel and powerful 6 cylinder fuel injected engine with 4 speed overdrive gearbox.

How do I book this car?

Pricing Policy for Triumph TR6*
1 day (24 hour period): £385
Weekend (6pm Friday - 10am Monday): £630
1 week (6pm Fri/Sat - 5pm following Fri/Sat): £POA
Extra day (additional 24 hour period): £220
Technical specification
Engine: 2.5L 6 cylinder injection
Transmission: RWD, 4 spd man + o/d
Power: 125 bhp; Torq. 164 lb ft
Performance: 115 mph; 0-60 10 secs
Economy: 20 mpg

Note: power, performance and economy figures are estimates and cannot be relied upon. They are for illustration purposes only.