Stylish Grand Touring in the MGB GT "Jubilee"

The MGB GT was announced in 1965, three years after the launch of the ubiquitous “Roadster”. Timeless Pininfarina styling, a 2+2 grand tourer with the versatility of the hatchback and folding rear seat. Somewhat later, in 1975 to celebrate 50 years of the MG Car Company, a limited run of 750 MGB GT’s were produced; the Anniversary limited edition (otherwise known as the “Jubilee” model). Needless to say these have a special place in MG history and are highly regarded. Each one offered with a unique numbered plaque bearing the name of the first owner. Although the car was based on the newly introduced and often derided black rubber bumper model there is no doubt that the combination of dark racing green Anniversary paintwork, gold stripes and the specially painted black and gold “V8” wheels particularly suit this vehicle. The epitome of GT motoring and affordable style.

Number 339 was acquired in August, 2013 from Robin Lawton, the vintage and classic car specialist, based near Liphook, Hampshire. The car has been locally owned since it was originally supplied by Chawton End Garage, Four Marks, Hampshire to Mr R.W.Keith; whose name appears on the commemorative “Anniversary” plaque attached to the dashboard. It is only right that “Keith” should continue to be associated with the car (in this case the grandfather, father and son team at Icon Classic Car - all "Keith's"). In our ownership Classic MG Services, Fareham has added some subtle upgrades to enhance the driving experience and we have fitted our preferred Uniroyal Rain Expert tyres all round. While Classic MG Services continue to regularly service and maintain B GT the vehicle has also benefited with sill refurbishment in 2018 by Trickett Welding helping to maintain the bodywork and chassis corrosion free. 

This MGB GT is special in so many ways. The Anniversary livery, “V8” wheels, fully upholstered and lined interior, superbly fitted full length Britax sunroof and more recently power assisted steering make this limited edition “Jubiliee” model unique; undoubtedly one of the best of its type in the UK today. Enjoy driving the car or simply pore over the details. Superb in every way: The MBG GT "Jubilee" edition.

Note: Number 339 is registered with J.U.L.E. the MGB Jubilee & L.E. Owners Club. The register established in October 2007 and dedicated to all special edition MGB's, MGC's and Midgets which left the Abingdon factory between 1962 and 1980. See

How do I book this car?

Pricing Policy for MGB GT "Jubilee"*
1 day (24 hour period): £450
Weekend (6pm Friday - 10am Monday): £750
1 week (6pm Fri/Sat - 5pm following Fri/Sat): £POA
Extra day (additional 24 hour period): £195
Technical specification
Engine: 1.8L 4 cylinder
Transmission: RWD, 4 spd man + o/d
Power: 94 bhp; Torq. 105 lb ft
Performance: 104 mph; 0-60 14 secs
Economy: 25 mpg

Note: power, performance and economy figures are estimates and cannot be relied upon. They are for illustration purposes only.