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Project Noah - The Ultimate Icon the Land Rover Defender 90

The Land Rover Defender must rank among the ultimate of British automotive icons. Succeeding the Land Rover Series I/II/III (1948 to 1983) and 90/110 (1983 to 1990) vehicles, the Defender was first introduced in 1990 as the Long Wheelbase (LWB) model, the "Defender 110" and, one year later, as the Short Wheelbase (SWB) "Defender 90". Benefiting from the coil sprung suspension of the 90/110 and Land Rovers newly introduced Tdi engines (Turbo diesel, Direct injection with Intercooler). 

"Project Noah" is our 1996 Defender 90 SWB Station Wagon with a 300 Tdi engine and relatively low miles of 109K. Equipped with the rear "Safari" door and ubiquitous centre seat in the front with 2 person benches in the rear; 7 seats in a package only 3.88m long! From what we can piece together of its history the vehicle has gone from factory to our base in Marchwood, Hampshire, via Gloucestershire, Northumberland, Essex and Norfolk. While it enjoyed approximately 10 years of greenlaning until we acquired it, there is evidence of a working life in the countryside judging by the empty gun cartridge box hidden behind the front driver seat belt reel! It wasn't difficult to discover the name of the faded bodywork colour - plain old Land Rover "Green". Recently shod with General Grabber 235/85 R16 AT3 tyres on black modular wheels that nicely fill the wheel arches. Combined with the sump and diff guards it definitely looks the part without being over the top.

Similarly to our "Rover" Mini Cooper, in 1996 Land Rover were 2 years into BMW ownership. Notwithstanding this, the Defender is the ultimate British designed Land Rover with the Project Gemini "Tdi" engine development, initiated under British Aerospace ownership, allowed to continue. The last engines to be produced by Land Rover without the "benefit" of electronic engine management; of which the 300 Tdi is unquestionably the ultimate.

Our intention is to re-commission the Defender and restore it to its former glory - perhaps as a 7 seat "soft top" - with the help of our local Land Rover specialists Adrian Harvey Motor Engineers, Hatchet Road, Beaulieu, with parts supplied by Famous Four, Exmoor Trim,  YRM Metal Solutions and Optimill. This Defender will be reborn, no bling (well maybe just a little), function over form, and will earn its keep doing the "ultimate safari" in and around The New Forest.


Technical specification
Engine: 300 Tdi; 4 cyl; 2495 cc
Transmission: 5 speed manual; AWD
Power: 111 Bhp; Torque 195 lbs ft
Performance: 0-60 18.6 secs; 85 mph
Economy: 29 mpg

Note: power, performance and economy figures are estimates and cannot be relied upon. They are for illustration purposes only.

Pricing Policy
Half Day Max. 4 hours £225
Day Return Max. 10 hours £350
Day+ Max. 30 hours £475
Weekend+ Max. 54 hours £725
Week 7 days POA
Extra Day £325

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The ultimate "Land Rover Defender" New Forest Safari Experience - Coming Soon