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2023 Season Hire Rates and COVID policy

14th February 2023

HIRE RATES AND COVID BOOKING POLICY: In an effort to remain accessible and affordable we have replaced our 3 hour evening rate with a 4 hour Half Day Rate available morning or afternoon from 9.00 to 19.00 any day of the week, subject to the 4 hour maximum (with a 75 mile allowance). More than enough time to enjoy the experience and tour the area in an Icon Classic Car. Half Day and Same Day Return allows us all peace of mind knowing that the vehicle is safely returned and not parked up overnight in the street or car park in unfamiliar surroundings. Half Day 4 hour hire rates start from £175 and Same Day Return from £275, all inclusive.

For those more adventurous types prepared to take longer term responsibility for the vehicle we have our extended Day rate (Day+) and extended Weekend rate (Weekend+); unique propositions in the classic car hire market offering extended tenure of 6 hours over and above the normal 24 and 48 hour periods.. These hire periods effectively provide daylight use for an extra day without the stress of returning the vehicle before the deadline normally imposed. For example, Day+ would enable you to pick up a car at 10.00 and return it at 16.00 the following day. Likewise, Weekend + would enable you to pick the car up on a Friday at 12 noon and return it Sunday at 18.00. Day+ rates start from £375, all inclusive. You choose the time and period of hire to suit you.

Our Gift Vouchers continue to benefit from a 2 year validity period from the date of issue. This compensates for the fact that our hire season is limited to 7 or 8 months of the year and recognises that there is limited supply of our classic vehicles. Now the Gift Voucher holder has the opportunity to choose a date which perfectly suits the occasion without a restrictive time constraint. This policy will be applied to any previously issued Gift Voucher which is still within the 2 year time frame from the date of issue.

As we prepare for the 2023 season the Icon Classic Cars we are making available this year comprise: Mini Cooper Spi; MGB GT "Jubilee"; MGB Roadster; Triumph TR6, classic Range Rover, Land Rover Defender 90 SWB and the new to the fleet Rover SD1. In addition we have two  motorhomes: a 2021 Etrusco T6900 DB Auto 4 berth and a 2022 Rimor Evo Sound Auto 5 berth. 

 Motorhome hire rates start from £100 per day with minimum hire charges depending on the season.

Our policy regarding bookings during the COVID pandemic is that, once a booking is made, you have the opportunity to re-book if you are unable, for whatever reason, to proceed with the original reservation date, subject to availability at the time you re-book. The opportunity to re-book is currently valid for the period to 10 September, 2023.

Whatever your requirements, if you are interested in hiring an Icon Classic Car or Motorhome please contact us on 07399 966092

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